Thursday, May 17, 2012

BB Cream: The Evolutionary Make Up Product

So here in this blog today I will talk about BB Cream! It has become a big hit in North America, but before we get too in depth let me explain everything first. 

What is BB Cream? 

BB Cream Known as Blemish Balm or Beblesh Balm it is a new makeup product that became a great hit for Asian women in Korea and Japan. It was mainly a product for women that had done some plastic surgery or were recovering from it, this product helped a lot since it has whitening properties, evens out skin tone and has SPF. This became a hit when Korean Celebrities began using it and now it has evolutionized and been brought to North America. Many people have the misconception that BB Cream is a Foundation or just a tinted moisturizer, but really it's something that is very much just in between. It isn't as heavy as a foundation but it isnt quite as light as a tinted moisturizer. 

So..Why is everyone going so crazy over it ? 

Many ask so what's so great about this product ? Well first of all it has higher coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but isn't as heavy and cakey as a foundation. It has anti-aging properties for middle aged women and whitening properties( many Asian women were immidiately hooked from hearing about this benefit because they LOVE having white porcelain skin), it helps with evening out skin tone/helps with Acne Scarring. most importantly it has SPF which is awesome because if you think about it not only does it have good coverage but it aslso helps protect from harmful UV rays. It't not drying like some foundations and it helps with the production of Sebum so it doesn't causes clogged pores and acne! It acts like a make up base so other products you put on top like blush and loose powder will stick all day (also depends on your skin type)

Something People Forget (0.0)

Something I must remind everyone about is the difference between Americanized BB Creams and the Original Asian BB Creams. I have tried both and I find that American BB Creams aren't what they were thought out to be I really gave it a chance, but truly in the end I feel like it was just a tinted moisturizer. On the other hand with the wide variety of Asian BB Creams there is a variety of BB creams for all skin types. These products worked well with keeping my face from being oily, it felt super light weight and helped even out my acne scarring! 

What Would I Recommended ? 

I would most definetly reccomend BB cream to anyone that wants to try it, but keep in mind that because these are Asian products they sometimes dont really work for White skin tones, but remember that there are a wide variety of brands and don't just give up if you don't likle one brand there may be another brand of bb cream that works for you. 

** remember what worked for me might not work for you and vice versa! * 

I hope this helped anyone who just wanted a basic understand of what BB Cream was. If anyone wants a further explanation on application, reviews on the bb cream i use or etc PLEASE comment below and I can make a follow up blog to this one. 

Until Next Time
~~ Cherry 8>


JayEle said...

I am trying the skin food red bean bb cream and I quite like it. I want to try out the skin 79 next ^^

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I have been trying a missha one and two other skin 79 ones I'll probably post a review soon and hopefully it'll help you choose which one you want to try!
Thank you for the comment. :)

Sal. said...

The western BB cream is different indeed. It's far from an original BB cream and that's a shame. I'm curious to the BB creams you use. Could you do a review? :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope to see you more often! Maybe we can follow each other? :)


Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I am glad you agree :)! I absouletly will!! Thank you so much for your comment :D That is definetly do able !! ^^

Kara said...

Great post! Thanks for the nice review. I heard about BB creams probably a year ago from a blogger who loves using Asian products. She loved them so much and I was wondering how American versions compared. I haven't tried any, but I'll probably give one of your recommendations a shot :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and comment. ^^ I'm putting a review together right now. :) keep posted! Maybe we can follow each other? :)