Saturday, June 2, 2012

Makeup Goodies: NYX Crimson Amulet Palette and London Look Palette

Just a little haul I had :) I couldn't help but pick these up!
This palette was on sale at my London Drugs in Canada (in the states this would be relevant to a Ulta, Cvs or Walgreens) I guess they were clearing this one out because it was only $5.00 CAN the colors are very pigmented and I find some of the colors really suit my brown eyes :) The brand is called LondonLook.

It was a great buy. The second thing I bought was my favorite though! :D it's the new NYX crimson amulet Palette based off of the movie Dark Shadows.
The packaging is super cute! and the back shoes all the products that are inside!
The colors are super pigmented and their is a wide variety between matter and shimmer shades I really do love it!! BTW this is the first NYX product I have ever seen in store in Canada. I was talking to the sales clerk their and she said they have NYX products on file AND THIS BRAND WILL BE SELLING IN CANADA SOON!!! If that really is the case I am so excited :)
The pictures I took pretty much show the actual color of these eyeshadows :) The colors come in many wide varieties. Some nice matte neutral shades and then some brighter fun colors, this wouldn't be a bad palette to probably take around for a short trip :D ( although I hope to get a Z palette or make a DIY one to put together my favorite eyeshadows) tell  me what you guys think :) in this packet they also have a second layer with blush,illuminator ,HD primer,eyeliner and lip glosses.
I really so like these palettes I am excited I got them! Let me know what you guys think about these palettes and tell me if you have the NYX palette. If you want a make up look tell me and I will create something ! Tell me what you think of NYX products?  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :) Until Next Time. 

~~ Cherry 8> 


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