Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School Tips!

Can you believe it's almost that time of year again :( I miss you summer! Come back! !

But regardless here's a little post on tips as to how to get ready! :) 

1. Deodorant 
Please please bring deodorant! Not saying you smell don't get me wrong. It's just sometimes you want to be presentable and I mean I don't know about you guys but even if I'm not active I am sweating! So I'd rather be prepared ! Now with deodorant you can choose to keep this in your locker or if you have a mini one you can keep it in your backpack ^^ 
I enjoy this one because I sweat a lot and it helps stop that and makes me smell great! Plus it's pretty budget friendly coming in at around 5 dollars :) 

2. Body Spray
I know you already have deodorant! you are probably thinking that will do, but ! Sometimes sweat gets into your clothes and then even with deodorant you won't smell pretty. So grab a body spray ! I am going right away to get myself a mini size body spray from bath and body works. This way you can keep it on you or put it in a little locker :) 
I got a lotion in this scent and I think I will enjoy the miniature scent of this one :) Also SPC card holders in Canada get extra discount! Be sure to grab yourself a SPC card if you are in School or are in University! Its a great deal, for a 9 dollar card you can get discounts off of tons of things! 

3. Toiletries 
Alright Ladies lets be honest here. Mother Nature can be a real pain! She's really good at pulling one of those surprises on you ! So bring pads and tampons! even if it isn't for yourself, you might be able to save a friends life with one of them! 
Oh yes and Advil because you never know what comes with mother nature. I mean symptoms we face every time of the month is also very unpredictable :P 

4.Water Bottle 
Seems so simple, but once you increase your water intake you'll realize what benefits it has for your skin, your hair and much much more! It's very good for you ! or you can do what I do! I have this awesome thermos from Costco its leak proof and it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drink hot for a very long time ! its awesome I love it ! So after your usual morning drink (for me this is tea) fill it up with water and hydrate yourself :)

5. Small Makeup Bag! 
Now this small makeup bag can be used for many many different things ! So try to bring one that is a bit larger in size because depending on what type of person you are you may bring less or you may bring lots !  So for people that just need to touch up during the day bring some powder, A tinted lip balm/normal lip balm , maybe some blush to reapply and an eye lash curler! That's really all you need :) 
This is my favourite press powder it makes me look so flawless and it helps with oil control :) 
This tinted lip balm smells awesome, is quite moisturizing and has awesome pigment! 
lately instead of just using lip balm I use my rosebud salve! It is super moisturizing for the lips and for dry cuticles, helps with bug bites and much more :) It smells great and for the price that it is, it has tons of product! 
This physicians formula blush is one of my favs! I love it 
also bring a brush to put on powder and then help to put on some blush! remember to clean it off after :)  This brush is cheap but it is starting to become scratchy so I think I'll have to start using another brush :P 

For people like me who work out and stuff you'll probably want to bring more stuff. I usually have baby wipes, a contact lens case with BB cream on one side and concealer on the other side, blush/lip stain/lip stick, powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyelash curler, neutral eyeshadow :) 
get this at my superstore here :) it was only 1.50 for 60wipes. its super soft, smells nice and has a textured cloth. so it does an awesome job :)
I use a contact lens case because this way I don't have to worry about exploding tubes in my makeup bag ( if you do plan on bringing tubes of make up please do seal in a plastic bag!) and I can refill for the next day and clean out the case :) 
as many of you know I love my BB creams :) especially this one ! check out my other blog post for a more in depth explanation and review of BB creams :) 
This is may favorite concealer ! I don't get many dark circles or blemishes but I mean when I have those crappy days and everything attacks my face. This concealer works wonders :) If you would like a further review on this product comment below ! 
this is the Revlon lip butter in the color lollipop, this is my favourite color and its super moisturizing :) on top of being a good lip product, it also doubles as a blush :) 
for my neutral palette I like using my NYX for brown eyes only palette it has a good mix of neutrals and color :) it is small and compact, but of course you can always find smaller palettes to use :) 
of course I will bring my favourite mascara :) I really enjoy this mascara as for Asian lashes it hold curl very well and creates great volume 
Since I have straight lashes so of course I need an eyelash curler :) 

******************* as always I am not affiliated by any company these are all my honest opinions and everything is purchased with my own money*********************

**** Some images were used from Google 

And those are my tips for you :) I hope that you all enjoyed this little tip post and that you all are ready for starting up school again! Let me know in the comment section below as to what things you would bring to school for sure :) 

Until  Next Time


Georgina Castellucci said...

The contacts case is a great idea!

Diana Marks said...

I am very interested in that deodorant! I am always searching for a perfect one! Great tips!
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circleofchaos said...
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circleofchaos said...

Nice products.^^

Klaudia. said... ;)!

sleepandwater said...

Love the packaging of the rosebud salve and the sound of the scent :) Lollipop is such a fun colour to wear. I really want to try Rimmel Stay Matte - I haven't read a single bad review about it!

Linh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I followed your blog as well! =)

Great tips! The only beauty products I bring to school are hand cream, lip balms, a couple of lipsticks to touch up whatever I'm wearing, powder, and a perfume in an atomizer. My backpack would look too bulky if I added more, so I just keep it at a minimal!

BlogLoveTherapy said...

Great suggestions. Hope you have a great school year =)


Cassandra Too said...

Well, now I have a lot of things to put in my bag! :D:D

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ELLE said...

hi there! :) hope u could join my giveaway! heres the link:

Maryam Maquillage said...

I LOVE rosebud salve and NYX's palettes!!! THE BEST :))

NaNa said...

thanks for the back to school tips =D kind of amusing but my favourite of all time is rosebud salve!

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Mimikon said...

This is a great list! I love Missha BB creams too.
Found you through the blog hop, hope you can check out my blog too :)

Hannah | MARIBLEU said...

Great tips! All i take to school are body sprays :)


Lisa said...

If that matte Rimmel powder is your favorite, I have to try it! I have the oiliest T-zone ever so I'm always on the hunt for good matte powders!

toxycat said...

Ah im just so glad i dont go school anymore!!!
Found you via Mimikas beauty blog hop!!

Marilyns Closet said...

loved your post! thanks for visit my blog! love yours!!
Kisses honey!!

Diana (double-ganger) said...

Wow! Awesome post!
Happy week!

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you! :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

thank you ^^ and anytime of course!

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

oh I wish so much that I wasn't :( Thanks for dropping by !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I love it so so much ! and its pretty inexpensive so I would give it try !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thanks :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

they are awesome ! Thanks for dropping by ! :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I know I LOVE LOVE LOVE them :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

ok thank you ! :)

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

it makes me realize why every girls purse is pretty much there life xD Thanks for dropping by !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

I know it is so vintage I love it ! Yes lollipop is one of my favourite colors :) I know I love it so so much ! ^^ Thanks for dropping by !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thanks !

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thanks ! I know sometimes I try but it can be so difficult sometimes ! :(

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thank you !

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Thanks ! I know I have a hard time finding the right one sometimes too :(

Cherry Berry ~~ said...

Thank you !

Lippylash said...

Great post!! Hope school went well for you..

terr davidson said...

Awesome post x

check out my cath kidston giveaway

ss fashion world said...

Im crazy about body sprays !! Its a bit worrying thing ! lol. love your blog dear ;))