Friday, August 10, 2012

Humid Weather Essentials !

So I went to Hong Kong ( so hoooottt )-____- but I was able to experiment and figure out what works really well and what doesn't :) So this is like a humid weather essentials/ some of things I use in my everyday routine !
I'll start with morning when I get up from my beauty sleep ^.^
I use a tea tree oil cleanser I get mine from
I really do enjoy this cleanser as its nice for a morning wash, as it helps wake you up and since its so natural it feels very fresh on the skin ^^ 

It's not very clear in the picture but this product is 99% organic it doesn't have any parabens or anything in it! I find after changing over to use organic products my face hasn't broken out as bad as before when I had used chemically infused products.

I use to use a toner from the same line it was a tea tree oil cleanser, but currently I have changed over to a different toner I found in Watson's in Hong Kong
here is the original one I usually use

Here is the new one I got in Hong Kong

I have been using this for about 2 weeks and so far I am quite pleased at what it is doing for me it's cleared up some hyperpigmentation spots on my face :) 

For moisturizer I also use an organic one it feels light and non greasy. SPF 15 but I usually wear BB cream over it so that's ok :) 

While in Hong Kong I was really turned off when it came to having to wear make up because of how humid it was and how polluted the air felt. :( BUT nonetheless I still wore my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and it worked out quite well for me. It felt light and allowed my skin to breath

To get to know more stuff about BB Cream check out my other blog post HERE 

I set the BB cream with my favourite Pressed Powder by Rimmel . I use it in the color Silky Beige. 
Also because my BB cream doesn't suit my skin tone due to the fact that I am really tan currently :P so I use a bronzer to dust all over to even out color :) My Bronzer is also from Rimmel and its in the color Sun Love I believe 
I know this bronzer claims to "glimmer" and I was kind of turned off by that, but I found once you used up that first top layer of shimmer it became very matte and was actually quite a bronzer :) 
I wore a blush sometimes but still with how hot it got there sometimes it could be a little messy BUT 
what I found worked was using my Maybelliene bouncy blush in the color Candy Coral as a base and then putting my Physicians Formula blush in Rose on top of it to give it staying power :) 

I found this powder blush to be very nice because you swirl your brush to get the color and since it had some highlight shades in it, it really helped you have a nice glow :) 
By the end of the day.....

A lot has probably rubbed off and I mean since I was out doing so many things during the day, I didn't really have the time to stop and touch up so I just didn't bother. 
At night I use my Alba Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser to wash off my makeup. This cleanser helps to life out dirt and any make up caught int the skin :) I find it works very well! 
At night I yet again use the same toner on my face ^^ 
At night time I also use an eye cream from Alba called the Green Tea Eye Cream its very refreshing I find  :)
For night cream I use a Clear Complexion Cream from the Swanson's website :) This cream is much creamier and so its well suited for night time, but for anybody with oily skin I wouldn't really recommend it as it may be too much for you :P  This cream is helping to reduce acne by helping sebum control and helping clear hyperpigmentation. This is yet another organic product that I love ! :) 

For hair I wouldn't really recommend you waste too much time on it because the humid weather deflates any do and can make things very frizzy, but if you're still wanting to. I'd say use clay to scrunch your waves or curls and a little hair spray nothing else because it just gets gross when you add way too much product. 
My favourite hair spray is the Loreal Elnette Hair Spray 
And the clay I use is from Gatsby 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read I really appreciate it !! Please COMMENT below as to what products work for you in humid weather ? 
ALSO I haven't forgotten about my giveaway guys I'm just putting some things together in my giveaway so keep you eyes open! 

**** As always none of the products mentioned are sponsored, everything here is paid for myself and is my own opinion**** 

*** Images from Google

Until Next Time 

Cherry~~ 8> 


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I do not like humid weather. Will need these products. Bet the Rimmel Stay Matte powder looks nice.
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Love that you have so many products I don't know yet! I'm very curious now :-D Hope you had a great time in Hong Kong! <3

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I've heard so many good things about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder - definitely seems good for oily skins :) I use Missha Signature BB cream but I have a smaller tube of Perfect Cover which works pretty much identically, except I find it's a bit thicker.

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The stay matte works wonderful!

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Yeah I found them to work very well as they are not only organic and paraben free but are also cruetly free ^^

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