Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello Lovelies!! :) 

I know I am so horrible I haven't blogged in so so long ! I have been on vacation for pretty much a month straight going from Cuba, Hong Kong and Taiwan. BUT I am finally back home and blogging ! I miss blogging so much! I have been well and super jet lagged -____- but surviving ! How has every ones summer been ? COMMENT BELOW let me know ^^ It's time to catch up! I have some pictures from my trip to share with all of you and some more beauty blogs in the progress! 

For my Hong Kong trip my friend came along with me so it was super fun! we went and took some sticky pics which are pretty much non existent here in Alberta :( 
We also met up with my best friend there in Hong Kong! I don't get to see her often so we had loads of fun bowling, talking and catching up ^^ 

Taiwan was also alot of fun :) its forced me to practice my Mandarin xD We went to many tourist attractions :) My brother and I having some brother sister bonding time ^^ 
A river near a coal mine 
The food was also really good :) I feel like I may have gained a few pounds -___-
There was never a dull day there while I was gone, you find things everyday that put a smile on your face :)
I also found a new love! it's a lemon green tea! It's so refreshing ! I must learn how to make it >_< 
Back in Hong Kong I had so much fun with my family I wish I never had to leave :( 
We had fun no matter where we went 
There was so much to say in three weeks time, but we could never really get around to everything :) 
I also got a chance to try the best tasting coffee in the world ! (supposedly) You drink it black, It wasn't as good as I anticipated ? Kopi Luwak is its name 
More Family time ! 
With my Dad :) 
The food is honestly unbelievable ! Tastes just like home <3 
Don't worry I did lots of shopping ! The trends are very different in Hong Kong, I enjoy that because I can wear that style here and no one else will know where to get it or even know that the trend is a hit right now ! 
I learnt very quickly that Hong Kong is very over crowded with a whopping 7 million people -____- everything here is fast paced and everywhere is busy busy busy! There are ups and downs to it I guess. 
I also got to see the cutest animals at there theme park here called Ocean Park 
I really do miss my family now that I am back home. Trips like this always make me realize how much family really means to me and I can't wait till I see them again. 

This trip was so much fun but I was so pretty sick the whole time and it was really hard for me to get better because of the air pollution, but I lived with the condition since I was non stop laughing and smiling everyday :) 
Living in my naked skin almost everyday felt actually very comfortable ^^ I felt beautiful even when my face had no make up on it :) 
After experience severe humidity I have learned how to deal with it and what works/what doesn't. I will update everyone further on products and summer essentials in the next blog. Yes essentials seem a little late, but we still do have some summer left! and I'm sure some of you are still going on vacation or live in a humid place so I really hope it'll be of help :) I hope you all enjoyed this update! I know I am so very SORRY for being gone for so long!!! ;( I will get back into blogging schedule! keep posted for my next post and giveaway as promised :) 

Until Next Time 
Cherry~~ 8> 

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Kristy said...

Aw so lucky! I wish I could go back to Hong Kong for holiday x


makeITpink said...

Hi, I'm your new follower. Love your pics. Your blog is very cute. =) I found you through Hello Missa's blog. Please stop by my Disney blog and let me know what you think. I'm hosting a giveaway which ends on the 22nd, so become a follower and enter and don't miss out! Thanks! =D

blackberryfashion said...

Beautiful pictures :)


DaydreamsofDestinee said...

It looks like you had so much fun! And all of your outfits were super cute too :)

Thank you so much for following and leaving such a nice comment on my blog, I am not following you as well! :)

2minutos said...

Funny pics, sweetie!
Thnx for your lovely comment :)
I've alredy follow you ;)

Allison said...

So many cute photos! That panda is so adorable!
A's Fashion Files

Elisabeth. said...

Great post and pictures dear!! (:

xx from

Beau said...

the pictures looks so cute and nice! i like your outfit <3 your blog is very cute and interesting :))


Ms Meatballhead said...

Wow looks like you had so much fun!!! Glad you're back!! xo :)

Jenni.Riot said...

Super Fotos♥ Und ├╝brigens - toller Blog :)