Monday, April 29, 2013

Wow I've Been Gone Long...

Hello everyone, 

  Let me start by saying, Oh my gosh I missed blogging :(. After I got back from my trip and started my first year in university. I just ran out of time to blog since I devoted so much of my time into school and work. I wanted to do so well. I missed blogging so much ! BUT ... I am back now :) summer is around the corner and I have plans for more blogs -yay!-  Well the quickest way I can update everyone about my life since I have disappeared is through pictures! So please enjoy!

I went to Cuba for a grad trip ! ( I may have mentioned this in a previous post but here is pictures) 

I also found some baby pics of my dad and myself.

Also went on a MS walk with some friends
Visited some friends in Toronto. It as so beautiful! I also Batman is also very charming

I have got to say University has been a rough but also awesome first year. As I made and reconnected with friends. They out did the rainy days of course, but of course with budget cuts and post secondary stuff happening it's still very stressful. I just always remembered this to cheer myself up and so should you !

Winters are so cold here !

I did have time to do my nails a couple of times. Aren't they cute !

Celebrated Halloween and dressed up as Lady Gaga it was fun ! I also love doing Halloween make up its so much fun !

Went to celebrate my friends birthdays

Celebrated my own Birthday
Goofed around ! Little Bro is taller than me !

Still being stylish even in the cold :)

SO MUCH STUDYING !! But I do not believe in the whole "Freshman 15" Thing I still continued to eat well and excercise ( Weight maintaining Blog post soon!)

Still dressed up when I had the chance :) it was nice to doll myself up sometimes. Don't the shoes remind of PSY from gangnam style ? I also kept a lot of things in mind while going through the school year. For all those struggling remember how strong you really are.

FOOD! So much food that I both made and went out to eat.  Froyo is the new thing now, stores have been opening like crazy here.

Now that spring is here and it is starting to warm up. I`ve been getting out of my bulky sweaters and trying out some new looks. I love standing out in the crowd. I don't think that a magazine or the media should tell you how to dress. It's important to be you :)

I know this is like cuteness overload. This is my dog Cookie. He is kinda like a best friend, we always have good times and hes there no matter how good or bad the day  :) Love him

Also very recent. I spent a pretty good Chinese New Year and Loved this new modern twist on a traditional Chinese New Year dress.

I also had a very great Valentines Day <3

We also have this new place called Color Me Mine . It's a pottery place, where you buy the piece and then you can paint them. No extra costs for paints or anything I had so much fun making them and the end results are quit good ! Just remember it takes practice! 

And those have been the main highlights in the period of time that I've been gone. :) I am excited to be back I have a couple posts planned 
- DIY Z Palettes/DIY Magnetic Palette
-DIY Shampoo 
-Staying Health 
-Makeup report Card 

I've missed all of you !! I may not reply to all your comments,BUT I will check out your blogs and comments I promise !! 

Until Next Time ~


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Amanda Val said...

Glad to see that you're back - I went on a two-month long hiatus last summer and I missed so much! Looking forward to your post on DIY z palettes! I own a pre-made magnetic palette but I'm curious to see how a DIY version would turn out :) Happy blogging!! xx

Elle Sees said...

Glad you're back :)

blackberryfashion said...

happy you're back :) blogging is so cool :) great photos!

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Ms Meatballhead said...

OMG I'M SO HAPPY YOU'RE BACK!!! :D I love all your pics, looks like you had a great year at uni!! Your dog is adorbs :) xoxo

Stacey Kane said...

welcome back to blogging! Just found your blog now and have followed so can't wait to read your upcoming posts :) x

Giovanna said...

Welcome back! Cute photos! Loving your manis!


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A lot of awesome things you showed us! Loved your nail art, very cute!

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returning your visit.... you have a lovely blog, great pics :)

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Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

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Looks like you had a blast.
I like that zebra print dress.

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