Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Gained Weight! : Workout/Weight loss/ Weight Maintaining

YES I HAVE GAINED WEIGHT !! Good weight of course ^_^ I FEEL AWESOME!!
What most people don't understand is that, muscle weighs more than fat 

You may be heavier then the girls you know but what matters most at the end of the day is that it is muscle! It's all the good stuff :) 

Today I am here to bring a post about being fit!! I just feel like some people have the belief that " I can't do it " or "it's too hard" or "I'm too lazy" or " I don't see results I give up" 

Results from working out is gradual, nothing is instantaneous! It sometimes can take as little as 2 weeks to see results but sometimes up to 4 weeks ! So don't give up !! and supposedly by 8 weeks everyone around you will see the results !! 

Working out is not only good because you can look HOT for the summer or whenever. It is also good for your health. Especially for me, since I have heart disease and strokes running in my family  :P On top of that you must look at other factors like your eating and sleep and etc. BUT 

To the good stuff now!! I will have as many tips as possible, they are all important but even if you don't get through all of them. It is still good to get through a couple ! 

1. WATER !! 

I am being serious ! Before you click away from my blog.. I know you're gonna tell me you've seen this everywhere !! BUT it is true !! . I have seen a difference PERSONALLY. It is true, you should drink 8 cups a day! It helps your skin! I see a difference because I have acne prone skin. It makes your skin just more radiant :) and I actually mean radiant ! Not oily, you actually get that natural dewy glow ! 
Also re hydrating during exercise is important too because you lose a lot of fluids from sweating ! it also helps with muscle soreness I find :) 

TIP: Avoid too much coffee as it dehydrates you. In moderation it is ok to get through the day :) 
Also try to avoid those fizzy sweet drinks we love so much! They have way too much sugar in them! If you haven't seen it on Youtube, Coca Cola can dissolve a human tooth in 2 days ...ew... I really don't think that is good for us !! Water is better ! 
TIP: Have a water bottle with markings on it and try and set a goal for how much you should finish  for example if you have a 500 ml water bottle tell yourself you want to get to 400ml or around 375ml in an hour or so. If that is lots at once then start small and make your way up :) 
TIP: You can also add some lemon or lime to your water. To have more flavor as some people find water bland. I prefer lemon because it also has detoxing properties 

2. Working Out 

This is probably going to be one of the longest posts, but it is important.
a) Cardio is important ! BUT don't be that person who just spends hours on the a machine for cardio ! Cardio is good don't get me wrong. It's just that your work out shouldn't just consist of that. Just have that first 30 mins for a Cardio machine and make sure you are giving 100 % because what you put in is what you get out of it ! Now when I mean go 100% I don't mean kill yourself, I just mean that put in an effort, so that you're sweating. So that your legs feels like Jello and so you can pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you've done! Although cardio is good for burning fat, building muscle is important too :) 

b) Now I know building muscle sounds scary,but I am not asking you to look like this ! 

These are women on STEROIDS  Weight lifting will NOT result in this trust me !! Women who weight lift may look more like this 

See? she doesn't look abnormal at all ! She looks fit! BUT keep in mind I am NOT expecting you guys to look like this UNLESS this is what you're working towards, Kudos to you ! 
But like I said adding a bit of weight lifting to your workout is always good. Some biceps, triceps , and maybe you can be like me and work towards a little bit of heavier weight lifting !( Do not attempt heavy weight lifting without learning professionally first or you may injure yourself)  . It helps to firm your muscles, so for the summer when you wear your tank tops, your arms looks hot !! 

b) Don't forget your legs! For anyone that may be a beginner, they may ask "Doesn't cardio work your legs?" It is good for your legs and yes it works them, but you want to work on other areas like your inner things too. Throws some squats and lunges in !! 
Remeber to do calf raises and stuff too remembering being tone all over is always good 
TIP: Sneak in a work out for your calves whenever you can! For example while you are brushing you teeth, or watching TV 
TIP: If squats and lunges are too easy on their own, use a Bosu ball or do it with weights ! Or even do flying lunges or jump squats and Burn even more calories ! 
For someone who is constantly working to tone my legs I have found that exercise balls are awesome ! very versatile and lots with inner thighs :) 

c) Don't forget about your BOOTY!! All the girls with booty's out there put your hands up!!! ( meaning all of you should of !)  Even for those that don't feel as much love for your booty's  It's ok there's nothing working out can't fix! While legs are important, so is your butt! Your butt may already be the beautiful already, but if you tone it .. OH DANG!! :) lunges and squats help but you can also do hip extensions of many kinds to help out with that ! 

d) Now don't forget your back also ! You want things to be balanced or otherwise you might affect your posture! Do chin ups and dips to help with the back ! they are so awesome and with an excercise ball their are also some awesome work out routines you can try 

d)ABS! Some of us are obsessed with getting rid of that lower belly pouch or just getting a toned tummy in general! But some people forget that it's about more then just doing sits ups and crunches. You must work all other muscles in your abs too!! Try bicycles, leg raises, pelvic lifts, planks (many modified versions of planks !! ) 

e) We will always have those parts of us that we hate and want to make better. I will be the first to confess! I hate my inner thighs and my lower pouch on my belly BUT DON'T GIVE UP! Success is not instantaneous ! You work for it ! As many say "beauty is pain" not pain in the way where you're bleeding or anything but pain a way that you feel your muscles burn and it hurts to roll out of bed the next day! You have to work for it to gain it! Just sitting there and being upset about parts you hate isn't going to help anything !! Be proactive about it !! 

f) Most importantly find something that works for you :) What I may like may not be what you like ! Things like Jazzercise, Yoga, Zumba and many more excercises can also be fantastic !

3. Embrace it 

And ladies most importantly embrace who you are! Learn to make body peace with your flaws :) Cause those things make you who you are and make you unique and beautiful !

I have followed many of these work out steps to make myself look better and I have seen just a difference.

**** I am not a professional so before you start a workout you may not understand and are worried about hurting yourself. Make sure to seek someone professional for assistance and help!!!**

I also have Pinterest dedicated to workout so you guys can follow here :

Cherry's Workout Pins 

I will soon post another blog on eating too !!

***** Pictures taken from google *****

Until Next Time


shortylegsbeauty said...

LOVED this post :) You brought up many great and important things :)
Im overweight and I struggle to loose weight. When I went to see a nutrition specialist I honestly though she was joking when she told me to eat 6 times/day. I was like "I want to LOOSE weight, not GAIN anymore weight" she smiled and said that "I know" :)
She then went on explaining why I should eat so many times and it did make sense :)
Not gonna ramble on about what she said cause that will take forever :)
She also told me about the water drinking and I was like "sure.. I can do that" :)
I do it now but oh my gosh it was so hard at first :D
Working out is so important. I go to the gym and on the days Im not at the gym I go out for walks :)
You have such a lovely blog :) Im your newest subscriber :)
THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog and for leaving me a comment :)
It means a lot to me :)

Lesley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Cherry!

Great post, so many women obsess about their weight without thinking about how muscle comes into the mix. They are also not proactive like you say. Love the different exercises you've put in there, I always forget about my legs and calves lol

Lesley x

Becky said...

Hey! :)

Great tips. I'm trying to gain more weight as well (ten pounds to be exact)! Exercising makes me feel a lot more energized, I love that. I also really like the feeling of soreness from working out, for some reason :P Thanks for the exercise ideas, too~

Kay Baninibeauty said...

Ooh great post! I agree that ppl worry when they gain some weight after they've started exercising but it's good muscle weight! I admit I did that back in the days where I didn't know anything haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog ^_^

Halima - Fashionicide said...

Great post!

And I completely agree with you! It can be daunting after you've started your weightloss and noticed you've gained a couple of pounds. And I guess some people just quit as they feel there's no point after stepping on those scales. Education is key!



Janet said...

this post motivate me to get up and move! ^_~

Karen said...

Great tips :) Drinking water is always the easiest but best things you can do for your body! It's great to be aware if you do have family history of heart disease or stroke, but regardless it's great to be fit and eat healthily!

Kristen Fix said...

Your weightloss journey is inspiring! This was very informative :)

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Saskia Sacro said...

Awesome post! I got to learn a lot from it. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Susannah said...

Hi Cherry, I love your attitude towards being healthy. I have found that the key to exercising long term is to find some exercise (and healthy foods) that you really enjoy. It can take a lot of trial and error, but I've found that I love pilates, zumba, yoga and aqua-aerobics. If you find something you really enjoy, you will do it because you want to, and won't have to force yourself :). Also, thanks for checking by my blog today. It was great to find yours. Susannah sparkle2day.com :)

Nature Health Secrets said...

Great tips. . Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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And will love to hear from you. I am a new follower of yours

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

Very nice post :)

Shang J. said...

These are some great tips. I am going to make some of them a part of life. Thanks! xx

Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

claire ashfield said...

i'm lucky i dance so i keep fit that way, but i totally agree keeping fit is essential! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) xx


Beauty by Tellie said...

Very enlightening! Makes a lot of sense, reallly..

Eni said...

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Sakuranko said...

Wow really importants tips for this summer!
Many thanks for all your advices!
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Ashii said...

Amazing post, there are so many great tips here!! I try to work out 2-3 times a week which isn't much, but I still have to change my eating habits which is so hard to do =/
You've inspired me to work harder! xx

You&I said...

Oh my goodness! I love this post! I have taken so many tips from this, and I just think that it is a brilliant way to inspire people! I have been dng this sort of weight loss thing for some time,and although it is working, I want to step it up in certain areas - now I know how to!!! :)! It's also so refreshing to hear about someone happy to be putting weight on! I will definitely be coming back for eating tips :) xx

Jo said...

I'm doing some of what you've shared here and yes water is so important. I gulp down lots every day as I get thirsty easily. Thanx for sharing such inspirational post.

blackberryfashion said...

your post is very inspiring :)

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Thi Lan said...

nice post :) your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


Becki Vieira said...

This is so true. People worry too much about the number on the scales and cause risk and damage to their bodies when there isn't anything wrong with them. I'm so jealous of people who are lean and toned. One day eh? Haha. I'm a new follower, this is s great post.

www.beautybook13.blogspot.co.uk - would love for you to come see my blog if you have a minute x

Danny said...

This was a high quality post, very informative! And congratulations :)

Krystel said...

This is a very good and informative post its nice that you have succeeded your goals and hopefully others can too with this helpful information xx

Joy Shana said...

Inspiring post, i wish i can take my lazy ass to the gym once in a while, Congrats and thanks for the info


Always Maylee said...

Great post with great tips!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Great advice!

trishie said...

Great tips hun! Glad to hear you're gaining weight.

kdawnsy said...

Enjoyed reading this. Very informative! I am a gym goer too but trying to tone up and gain at thesame time. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Folling you, hope you can follow me right back!


kdawnsy said...

Very useful! Thanks!

Ice Pandora said...

This is actually eye opening
to me! Never knew this about
muscles :P And good job at
gaining weight! I also want
to thank you for your kind
words c:

Stephanie Lula said...

Hooray for good weight! :)
It's true, muscle weighs more than fat, and I think it freaks some people out. This was a great and informative post, I think most people need to learn about health.

Lia~♥ said...

Great post, it's really gd advice for all ladies out there!
I've followed you!:)

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Mimi said...

water is definitely very important! :D

<3, Mimi

Sartorial Diner said...

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Angela said...

I love the picture you have at the beginning. I always find it hard to commit myself to go to the gym. Good for you!

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MITCH said...

Thanks for sharing this! Now I need to go workout :D